Why are transfers from linked account not automatic?

Just like a bunch of other people here, I have transferred money from the linked bank account last Friday Jan 29, and it still hasn’t shown up in my FT account. Still waiting (since Monday) for someone to answer on the in-app chat. I saw here that Linda offered a user to look into his situation if he DM’d her his details (email which he used to make the account), but I see no buttons in the forum to send a DM to another user.

If someone could tell me how to do that or look into it for me that would be great.

And also, can someone please explain to me why this process is not automatic?


Transferring takes about 30mins to an hour once you’re all verified, I think there is still some manual element to it. You unfortunately can’t DM as a new forum user but I can tag in @MeghanB26 or @Gemhappe

They’ve said they’re working on instant transfers but I think it costs (T212 charge nearly 1%). Crazy in the 21st century that this is the case.


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i’ll drop you a DM now. :+1:


Thank you for tagging those people!

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Actually you can do instant free transfer with Google Pay, but for some reason is limited to £250. Why ?

Hi @kazordoon - Welcome to the forum :wave: It’s because those transfers are not sustainable due to the quite high card processing fee Freetrade has to pay per transaction.

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