Why does my purchase show an instant loss?

I just bought £1000 of Darktrace . I instantly lost £47. On a stock that is London based, and rising………can someone explain my mistake here???


Stamp duty.

Edit: I thought you wrote 10 000. Stamp duty is 0.5% of the purchase price.

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At any point in time every share has a bid and ask price (buy and sell price basically) they are not the same price and the difference varies from stock to stock. The price you can buy a share for will always be slightly higher than the sell price at that instant in time. For large heavily traded stocks like Apple etc. the difference is very small. For smaller less traded stocks it can be quite a large spread

Edit: also Stamp duty :laughing:


Recently been kicked in the gonads from not knowing what the spread was whilst holding Commodity ETF’s.

We need to see spread info during these volatile times.

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