Withdrawing money confusion

So I tried to withdraw 42 pounds from selling a stock. Now Ive only topped up by using apple pay, so when I tried to withdraw it asked me to confirm to sending 1 pound from my bank account to freetrade. Fine, I done that. No notification about withdrawing, the moneys been sent.

So then I manually top up to 100% verify the account is in my name. I transferred 2 pounds from my bank to freetrade manually. No notification about if the verification worked, just the money has been sent.

So I go to withdraw again, but yet it still pops up the same thing about sending 1 pound to freetrade and when I do that, it doesn’t still take me to a page where I can withdraw my money!! I do not understand how the confusing the withdrawal process is.

Has your new deposit registered on FT yet? Maybe it is still on its way.

Nope. Just checked my activity, no new deposits or withdrawals. Banking app confirms the money has been sent though. Is asking for 1 pound every withdrawal a normal thing? This is my first withdrawal.

First is to verify account and can take several hours. When that is done try again :+1:

Ah I see. Cheers for the reply.

I do wish they added notifications for simple things, try and make things less confusing.

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