Your access to Freetrade is expiring

So I received an email today at 17:00 GMT saying…


We gave you access to zero-fee investing with Freetrade, but we haven’t heard from you in a while.

We don’t want to be too clingy! blush So, after the weekend, we’ll remove you from our mailing list and won’t buzz you again.

We’ll also pass your access onto someone else. cry

If you do want to use your access, please download the app before Tuesday 8th January!"

I’ve been at the top of the waitlist since 12/12/2018, have installed the app and it says I’m at the front of the queue. There’s nothing else I can do but wait for the Android app to update. I’m not sure this will happen tomorrow, Sunday or Monday and I’m certainly not going out to buy an iPhone over the weekend.

So my question is this… has anyone else received the email sent today at 17:00 or is this email a mistake?

Side note - as an investor in Freetrade, I’m concerned by the short shrift provided by the company.


If you’d already installed the app then you shouldn’t have received this email, sorry about that :blush:

Your spot on the waitlist is safe - we’ll let you know when we have more news about the rollout.


Are you also waiting for the Android apps release? The email is from and has been digitally signed and I’m pretty sure I’m not doing anything silly, like holding 2 Freetrade accounts or anything like that, so ff I can get a few more responses from folk over the weekend, I’ll gauge the situation and take action on Monday if necessary.

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:+1:Thanks for the fast and straight-forward reply, Alex. Hopefully not too many people will add to the thread :smile:

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I have that email, but I have nothing to download the app with, I still use a 20 year old dumb phone :smiley:

I need to get a cheap android device, but there’s no point buying one till I can use the app

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Same problem here. I wondered why I kept getting regular emails, prior to the eviction notice, urging me to get the app when I already had it.
It would be most disappointing if, having waited for months, I was to lose my zero queue position now.

I have the eviction notice too dodghz

I’ve received the same email but hopefully after creating my account and activated it all should be happy days once the android app appears.


You won’t :slight_smile:

Sometimes this happens if you’ve signed up for Freetrade with more than one email address or occasionally, if we have a duplicate record in our marketing database. That stops the filters, that we use to determine whether you should receive a certain type of email from us, from working.

If this happens to you, please drop us a message via the live chat & we’ll get that sorted for you straight away. We definitely don’t want to send people emails that aren’t relevant to them!

well, I only have one email address.

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I’ve actually bought a cheap Android phone so I can use the app when the time comes as my current phone’s Android version isn’t supported. I hope my investments’ future dividends will quickly cover the cost of the phone! :smile:


I received the same email after already installing the app and but I’m unsure if I had set the account up with my details at this point.
(iOS app).
This weekend I tested out sending a small amount of money into the account that hopefully will arrive on time and help keep it active.
Im hoping it’s just a minor glitch with the email distribution list.

I’ve now actually made the step into the 21st century and bought an Android phone and downloaded the app. Once it goes live the phone will pay for itself with about 6 or 7 freetrade trades