5 days and no contact

An account was opened almost 5 days ago and funds deposited via linked bank account, the funds have still not hit the account yet.

I have tried numerous messages in-app and tried to contact on twitter and instagram. I am being completely ignored in every channel.

I am aware Freetrade is extremely busy at the moment, but my patience has run thin, this is simply not an acceptable amount of time to wait for contact back.


Hi flinders.

Did you copy the reference in the app when making the deposit? This might help the team understand what’s going on if they are able to reply to you here.

Same here. I can’t get anyone to respond and my account on the app still says zero even though the money has left my bank. It didn’t prompt me to add my identifier anywhere and I can’t get anyone to respond to me to fix this either if that is really the reason why the money hasn’t been deposited

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There was no prompt to add an identifier or account reference. My card has been linked directly with my GIA account in the App.

Its literally a case of entering the amount i want to top up my GIA account with and then being taken directly to my bank providers app where i complete the top up.

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Sounds like you went through truelayer so shouldn’t need a reference.

Hopefully @gemhappe could help you.

@Gemhappe sent me a dm saying someone will be in touch but no one has yet either.

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I am facing the same issue. There was no prompt to copy the reference, but I think it happens automatically based on the context/screen from which you initiate topup. I can see the bank statement has the correct ISA reference against the debit. Been 24 hrs since I initated the topup and the money is yet to arrive.

The lack of response from the team for the chat in app and the forum here is the worst. Can accept delays in transfer because of high volumes but this lack of response is poor.


I think theyre in the process of hiring a number of temps to clear the back log. Hope it gets sorted for you both soon.

Exactly the same here, no one is responding and my money left my bank account over 24 hours ago. Very unprofessional and this is the worst experience I am having with a broker.


Is this your first time using the app? I am asking because I downloaded the app just yesterday and linked my vank account for the money transfer. I wonder whether that has led to this. A friend of mine who already had the app transferred money at around the same time as me and his funds had arrived within an hour.

Yes its my first time. I deposited money on thursday last week and it is yet to reach!

That seems like a common theme here. How about you @Broke ?

I created the account long time ago but this was my first time adding funds from the in-app HSBC app to the bank account I linked. After completing the payment it said it could take up to one minute but after 24 hours still not added and unable to reach any customer support.

@Broke I am with HSBC as well. Is there a way to cancel the transfer?

@seyal I don’t think it’s possible, usually bank wires are irreversible

Right. So we just wait now? This is very poor.

@seyal ridiculous, sent them like 5 chat requests, email and Twitter and no response

Could you help @MeghanB26 @Gemhappe

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I’m in the exact same boat. I deposited money into my account on Thursday morning. I thought it was only supposed to take 2-4 hours when using a linked bank account through the app so I raised a message using intercom on Thursday afternoon.

I have yet to hear anything whatsoever. It’s ridiculous. And the “Typically replies within a day” message in the app is just mocking me. If you gave me an estimate even if it’s a few days away I’d be happy but instead I get nothing.

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@Luisb they even replied yesterday on Twitter telling someone they are not aware of any “bank transfer delays”