Again today trades were not working at a vital time

Not sure if this post will be removed or something but I wanted to write this anyway.

Today I could not sell my shares due to problems on the side of freetrade, this is the second time in the last week there has been problems. I understand I provide only 0.00000…1% of trades however it is important that the app is reliable in order to maintain customers. Frequent significant problems with trades and transactions is no way to keep a loyal customer base. My support requests are often met with the same automated responses; ‘’ tough luck’’.

This was the last straw today for me with Freetrade.


What makes it even more frustrating is that it wasn’t fixed before end of trading session so I couldn’t open any or close any trades today before end of the day, even worse going into a weekend.

This has happened multiple times over the last few months as well, very frustrating.


I agree I got screwed for about £600. What an utter nonsense especially with 180,000 users. How will the cope with a few million customers. I also thought that because they had built there own platform from (The ground up) meant that it was of superior functionality.


I traded all day until mid afternoon. Guess problem happened after as I got message in app. Every organisation will have issues, its how they respond that’s key.


Revolut was unusable for a couple of hours this afternoon with a flagged issue on the home page

While their response currently only recognises the problem, the fixing of the problem itself is the best response. Continued acknowledgement which leads to no reduction in problems does not exactly send the best message. A trading app that has been in development for this long should not have such vital problems.

If Freetrade provided explicit details with problems and how they were being addressed it would be much appreciated.

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FWIW, multiple retail brokers were having problems today:


Thanks for this information.

Hi all,

First of all, my sincere apologies for the outage today, this is not the experience we want for our customers.

We don’t have all the details yet, but I can give you a summary of what we currently know. Today, a little under an hour before the UK market closed, our connectivity partner for the UK market experienced an outage that lasted until after market close. As a result we were unable to execute any UK orders during this time. US orders were unaffected.

This outage was purely a 3rd party problem and was not a result of any outage or load issues on Freetrade’s side. In the coming days we will be working with our partner to determine exactly what went wrong and how it can be avoided in future.

Rest assured that the outage has now been resolved and we’re in good shape for UK market open on Monday. My sincere apologies again, we’re constantly working away behind the scenes to try and ensure you have the best, most reliable experience you can with Freetrade.


Thanks for the update Tim. I note lots of other platforms had outages, possibly related?

Would be worth having a system status page somewhere so when things like this occur at least people can see there is a reason, and that it’s being worked on :+1:


Appreciate the response to provide more clarity into the underlying reasons for the outage.

My question would be what can be done to prevent this happening in future? I’ve never seen HL have an outage & they didn’t yesterday afternoon, so I presume they either have a direct data feed or a backup that ensures they aren’t reliant on one provider?

And agree with previous comments about system wide outages being flagged within the app.

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Have you tried looking into Railsbank’s API to fix this problem?

I couldn’t help posting on this thread this morning. @rabbit09

HL have been truly awful all morning. Unable to trade (my SIPP is there), app not loading. It’s not me - the investment forums all round are moaning. That definately is a HL issue and not a third party problem unlike what freetrade had along with other brokers last week.



My Portfolio not showing on HL just a message “we cannot display”

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Also having problems with HL this morning.

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I have also seen the problems.

However it does sound as if this is a justification for Freetrade’s problems last week, please correct me if I have misunderstood.


Doesn’t look to me like he’s justifying anything. Just identifying that problems happen, and it’s not confined to FT?


I am not an employee of FT. I am an investor and customer. HL is always the go to comparison and I think it may have been mentioned “never happens at HL”. Freetrade suffered last week due to something outside their control. It wont be the last time, these things unfortunately will happen again.

I was setting the context. :wink:


I understand.

Thanks for clearing this up.


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Yep completely agree, HL was awful for the majority of today!