App/Platform is just not stable enough - what is being done to resolve?

Tried to exit/enter some positions today just post US market open (probably like many) - instant orders get queued, get lost, can’t buy, can’t sell, can’t cancel, app doesn’t update.

Price information no where near reality of market and get a message saying it can be over an hour to reach support - and am a Plus user.

Simply not good enough.

Sad, but this is critical market infrastructure and currently it doesn’t work.

I was user #219 on the app and invested in the concept and told a lot of people to join early on - but currently I feel the execution is very very poor and I cannot recommend the service to anyone.


Your thoughts are understood and shared across our team, @thepoisson.

As you probably read in our CTO’s public update, we have been aware of delays during peak time and the engineering team have been working on resolving it before this all happened. We had a very high number of batch orders for today, and the delay issue occurred again, more severely than before.

In terms of fast customer service for you as a Plus member, the hiring and training of the Plus-dedicated customer operations team are ongoing. We’ll announce to our Plus members when faster service becomes online.

Thanks for your feedback. Always great to hear from long-time community members, even if the feedback is a call to improve!


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