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Severance was great, (I don’t have Apple TV, I watched it …er…elsewhere)

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One year they’re going to shock us all and say “This year we’re releasing an iPhone that’s not as advanced as last year’s”


oh no… well I guess if I invest in the company it makes it better for the share price :crazy_face:


Apple ditches iPhone production increase after demand falters. The share price is down 3% today.

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Err, did I do this? Am I so powerful that a trillion dollar company can’t even escape from my talents?


Not sure why anyone reports this as surprising. Their phones are made to last longer and longer with services to prolong the life

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Yeah that’s not even the main issue with the EU legislation. USB C is a reasonable cable, though not the best and not as durable as it could have been. But what’s likely to happen is the EU have handed the USB guys a monopoly on cable standard for most of these devices where it wasn’t needed.

the rule applies to mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, headsets, handheld videogame consoles, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, earbuds and portable navigation devices and laptops.

While there are some other sub types used, and lightning still on some devices. These were already being phased generally to type c anyway. the main exception at the moment are ‘cheaper’ products using cheaper non type c parts, or some apple devices. In both cases I think we would be seeing them change over anyway.

but the legislation now demands a cable… and laws are slow to adapt to new technology. So while we say this pickup of type c without enforcement, now that we have type c enforced, what are the chances we will see any further development of cables in the future? any improvements over the weak points of type c, when you cant because the law requires a specific cable.

They fix this by saying they’re review new technologies, but usually that requires there being an ability to use those technologies for anyone to bother to try.

So sadly, I expect we’re not going to see anything other than type c for a long time, unless USB themselves push a new cable and have the EU adopt it for them. Which seems more likely to be the kind of relationship we’ll see. a monopoly on cabling.

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I think the different types of USB C is fine, it shows the durability and it’s good you can always do the lowest common denominator capability across the {device A, device B and cable} functionality - I.e. you can still use a cable rated for 45W PD and 4K display output for 5W charging of a phone or transfer at low speeds using a high speed cable with a slow speed device. It’s insane to have a world where you couldn’t use a better cable for some basic task just because of different connectors (like not being able to charge a phone with a laptop charger).

The problem is the terribly unclear USB naming conventions around them which makes it impossible to figure out what a cable does at a glance - they have really messed up there, I’m fairly techy and I have no clue and have to look it up.

I mean strongly disagree that it wasn’t needed, but if you take the view that it was I think a non-profit industry group is probably the best option. Do bear in mind that Apple is a member of USB-IF so they are the ‘USB guys’.


I think you’re right here it’s one of the main hurdles, especially when you can have a pile of type c cables and have no idea what functionality each has if they’re not labelled clearly. Which most aren’t.

How was it needed though I guess is the question? Everyone was already moving to type c on their own, including apple. The only places you would generally see other usb types was printers (which don’t seem to be on the list) and cheap devices to keep costs low.

Even the claims for the need for this seemed to be a little over exaggerated. How many cables types did most people have? Maybe three at most? Yet the politicians were waving around dozens in their hands.

People are still going to have a cable per device, so it won’t reduce waste there. And since an option for a charger is also a requirement of this legislation, if it can’t be added as an additional cost, people are more likely to opt in for a charger as well. Which may likely increase waste not reduce it.

So I really don’t know what’s being accomplished with something as overbearing as a new law

As a simple mechie, my problem with USB C is it’s weak AF design. I have one, and only one, on my laptop. So when the dock is plugged in, that’s it. When that large docking cable gets bent, well that’s a busted dock and laptop.

Now, 3.5mm line-in, that’s a well designed connector. Props also to magsafe.

Here is an idea Lufthansa, stop loosing luggage and then you won’t be embraced by people being able to find their bags with a £25 gadget.

I never travel anywhere without an Air tag on my luggage.

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Genuinely never noticed how well $AAPL has done vs $GOOGL. Plus the current FX climate, whomever invested even just 3 years ago must be super happy right now.


Invested in AAPL on 11/02/2019, yay me. 286% return.


Seeing what’s happening with Amazon today I think apple will bomb after hours
Rip :sob:

Earning didn’t really miss yet :man_shrugging:t2::sob:

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