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Whether it gets forced to the type C connector or it goes fully wireless/portless, all those existing Lighting cables would likely be e-waste over a period of time anyway

The innovation point has always been somewhat debatable, it was a step forward at its time and a significant improvement over the type A and B connectors for USB, but has stagnated in comparison to the USB standard (too many things to list here).
Apple made money licencing Lighting accessories I believe, that’s a more probable reason for their resistance :slightly_smiling_face:

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You absolutely cannot buy good Bluetooth headphones that cheap! I’d say wireless still cost almost twice as much as wired for the same quality. I work in audio so being unable to plug my work headphones into my phone would be super annoying. I already get fed up carrying around the lighting to 3.5mm adaptor. If Apple ditch that and go fully wireless then I’ll probably be ditching iPhone - which I’d rather not do.

Re cable standardisation I’m a fan. I’ll happily trade slightly lower performance for one cable that connects to anything! Innovation is great but so is reliability, interoperability and waste reduction.

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A little light discussion on Apple on the most recent motley fool money podcast, Apple starts at 06:30

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This great law already contains provisions to allow the industry to collectively move to a better cable/port down the line should they want to - they just have to move together.

Who’s old enough to remember when every new mobile came with a new charging brick and cable that was hardwired into that power brick? And it likely wouldn’t be compatible with previous/future phones from the same manufacturer! You could forget charging your phone at friend’s house!

Making the power brick with a USB cord so that it would take any cable was a good start. The EU directing all players towards micro-USB was a good stepping stone and now to USB-C is great.

Apple are already moving to USB-C for their laptops and iPads. They’ve changed the connector before from 30pin to lightning. Now, if USB-C could also be used for charging power tools, weird Chinese gadgets that sometimes have a barrel connector, etc… (pretty much everything with a rechargeable battery)


There are plenty on Amazon for £15-£20, Any old tinny nonsense is alright with with most people, you’ve seen the light with good audio.

Me too. Now but I’m 5 years time?

Which of course they’re famous for!!

Broadly I’m in favour of the universality but this is really only about the lightning, and a world with USBC & Lightning isn’t that bad. There are far bigger problems in the consumer space they could be tackling like right to repair, companies bricking printers for not using the right consumables, abuses of GDPR …

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They can do more than one thing at once!

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Pushing legislation through requires a lot of work given then lobbying that goes on from big tech. Just feels like a problem that would sort it’s self out with wireless charging which is already universal (excluding Apple Watch which is a pain!)

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Yeah I’m a fan of this move, although it’s pretty late - this should have come in with micro-sub (when basically the entire industry standardized, except Apple) and USB C being the second evolution. Let’s be honest maintaining proprietary connectors is basically just rent-seeking on Apple’s part so they can sell more vastly overpriced e-waste every few years.

I hope this sets an example and brings some second-order effects; that companies use fewer proprietary interfaces going forward. Even if it’s a bit late this precedent in standardisation lays the groundwork for other pro-consumer, pro-environment legislation like right-to-repair.

I agree Apple likely won’t adopt USB C, I think they’ll remove the port but it’s still better late than never, if the EU can’t demonstrate an ability to push these things through we stand no chance with right to repair etc…


Good point and hopefully it is the beginning of more consumer friendly environment.

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Adding to a package of Friday night Baseball AppleTV+ will soon include the MLS.


This is not included in Apple TV+. You will have to pay an additional fee for it.

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Apple have only had 2 connection types with most of there non Mac devices. 16 pins and the current lightning.

Samsung been through a few more I believe

2% drop today

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Not sure if it will affect the stock price or profits but my daughter’s macbook died last week took it to apple store not economical to repair she said fine I will have a new one then sales person said great delivery late August no stock in UK currently apparently.


AAPL calls it is

Depends on the Model. I was looking at this, this morning, myself and noticed the MacBook Airs are not available until mid August but most of PRO models are available (only one has a mid Aug delivery). To be honest I expected worse because of chip shortages.

Disagree. I’m confident that AAPL’s earnings will be in line with what Tim Cook says. If people ever give up on AAPL then it means we’ve reached the market bottom.

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@Hpoyo Have you replied to me by mistake? My comment is not about Apple earnings but is merely about UK availability of MacBook models at the moment (i.e. it is a factual statement).

Looks like a small beat on earnings so good news.

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