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Holding the top 6, come at me bro’


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It’s obviously pretty common to compare big company market caps to GDP, it would probably be fairer to compare Revenue though.

If you could put a price on buying a country, that would be a fairer comparison to market cap.

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The UK’s national net wealth is about $15tn so approximately 5 Apples.

UK Household-held equity is ~£1tn so even if literally every individual was 100% invested in Apple and held no other stocks or funds the UK could buy half an Apple.


If you could buy a country, assuming nobody left, you could probably value it at some multiple of it’s tax revenue, which would be equivalent to income. So maybe Apple is worth like 3-5 x the GDP of a country.

Looks like Tim & Mark aren’t ready to hug it out and make up just yet.

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Detaching yourself from reality would seem to go directly against apples current whole health and well-being focus. I’m not sure apple would go there unless they drop the whole idea of health as it’s clearly not good for you

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Good point, Tim Apple described them as a ‘Health’ company. Kinda defeats the point if everyone is obese in real life, but just has a super-fit avatar.

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I disagree. I think the more time spent in the meta only supports a need for balance, fitness and health.
Who is to say we couldn’t go for a virtual jog round our favourite iconic location while jogging on the spot?
Or, taking healthy cooking classes virtually and transferring those skills to reality? We still have to eat after all.
I think until we fully understand the full benefits and application of the meteverse, nothing can be ruled in or out, including Apple’s commitment to it.

The main issue I see with the meta verse is that people are assuming it is one place run by one company. It already exists we just call it an eco system, I’m a fully paid up member of the apple eco system - typing this on my Mac which was unlocked by my Apple Watch, listening to a podcast through my AirPods via my phone. Over lay a XR experience and with spacial audio and I don’t need to disappear into the Zuckerberg’s VR avatar based vision.


I think even Zuckerberg has conceded this very point. Like you I am a dyed in the wool apple user. I would find it difficult to move to another brand to accommodate a VR interface.


Agreed, I recently played a boxing game on the Oculus. Knackered after 3 minutes and felt like I had done a gym workout.

Surely gaming / exploring / etc et through physical activity comes under the pillar of health and wellbeing more so than sat on an ipad or iphone playing candy crush etc…

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I loved the whole WII thing when it came out even though very basic but the worst thing is having space. So the whole fitness thing is possible but I don’t know how VR can get really good in a house as movement is so important for a really good experience and that would be limited until you crash into something. :rofl:

Hi all
I want to buy a few shares for my sister for her birthday.
Can I do this? Even if I can, How??? Lol

Only way currently is if she opens a account herself and you give her money to fund the account and she buy the shares. Or if shes to young buy it in your own account and sell when ready in future.

Yeah I thought that might be the case. I want to purchase today while it’s lower than usual though and her birthday isn’t till the 30th but it’s fine I’ll just buy it close to the time

What’s with the drop in Apple?

It’s a lot of the US tech stocks dropping in price. It is probably due to the high inflation at the moment companies are worried people will be spending less in the next couple of years. Also there are global chip shortages from the pandemic pushing up cost of components etc. Energy and materials price increases. So in general you can put most of it down to the global pandemic and recovery. Think of it as a domino effect.


You could maybe get her deposit reference if she sets up a Freetrade account and then bank transfer in some funds to buy shares.