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I loved the whole WII thing when it came out even though very basic but the worst thing is having space. So the whole fitness thing is possible but I don’t know how VR can get really good in a house as movement is so important for a really good experience and that would be limited until you crash into something. :rofl:

Hi all
I want to buy a few shares for my sister for her birthday.
Can I do this? Even if I can, How??? Lol

Only way currently is if she opens a account herself and you give her money to fund the account and she buy the shares. Or if shes to young buy it in your own account and sell when ready in future.

Yeah I thought that might be the case. I want to purchase today while it’s lower than usual though and her birthday isn’t till the 30th but it’s fine I’ll just buy it close to the time

What’s with the drop in Apple?

It’s a lot of the US tech stocks dropping in price. It is probably due to the high inflation at the moment companies are worried people will be spending less in the next couple of years. Also there are global chip shortages from the pandemic pushing up cost of components etc. Energy and materials price increases. So in general you can put most of it down to the global pandemic and recovery. Think of it as a domino effect.


You could maybe get her deposit reference if she sets up a Freetrade account and then bank transfer in some funds to buy shares.