Bank transfer query

I deposited some money from my bank on Friday and it still hasn’t turned up on Tuesday.

I’ve emailed but no response. Live chat doesn’t work.

ApplePay is fine, but what am I going to do with a £250 limit?!

Why is the app broken and support don’t care?

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For your deposit issue, unfortunately you’ll probably have to wait for customer service to get back to you. If it’s your first deposit, it appears (based on messages posted here by frustrated customers!) that it’s not unusual for them to have to do some manual work to get you connected the first time. Once you’re fully set up, deposits seem to be fully automatic and quick after that.

For the Coinbase IPO, join that discussion thread here:

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Freetrade is due to list Coinbase

I found out the live chat function is only available to PLUS members. Not that is communicated anywhere on the app itself though…