Brand new stocks - 22nd Feb 2021

Hi everyone :wave:

Here are this week’s brand new stocks:

ISIN Ticker Long Title Blurb ISA Eligible SIPP Eligible
US83587W1062 SOS SOS Ltd (ADR) This company provides marketing, software and cloud technology to businesses in China. It’s main work is with emergency rescue services. NO YES
US86389T1060 MSC Studio City International Holdings Ltd (ADR) This company operates casinos, resorts, hotels and restaurants. It’s primarily active in Macau. NO NO
US23130Q1076 CURI CuriosityStream Inc This company runs a streaming site that customers can use to watch documentaries and other non-fiction video. YES YES
US6081891060 MWK Mohawk Group Holdings Inc This is a technology-enabled consumer products company. It uses machine learning and data analytics to design, develop and sell products. YES YES
US14817C1071 SAVA Cassava Sciences Inc Cassava Sciences develops drugs for nervous system disorders. One of its main diagnostic products is designed to detect Alzheimer’s disease. YES YES
KYG3R33A1063 EBON Ebang International Holdings Inc A China-based blockchain technology firm focused on chip design and manufacturing Bitcoin mining machines. YES YES
US7476012015 XM Qualtrics International Inc This company provides firms with customer and employee experience products including feedback and performance review software. YES YES
KYG882721023 TBA Thoma Bravo Advantage This is a special purpose acquisition vehicle (SPAC) that focuses on merging with one or more businesses. YES YES
US0492841020 ACIC Atlas Crest Investment Corp This is a special purpose acquisition vehicle (SPAC) that focuses on merging with one or more businesses in the leisure, gaming, and hospitality industries. YES YES
NL0012170237 PLYA Playa Hotels & Resorts NV This company is a leading operator of luxury all-inclusive oceanfront resorts in the Caribbean, Jamaica, and Mexico - similar vibe to the Canary Islands and Benidorm but for American holidaymakers. The company offers spas, restaurants, and more. NO NO
US18978W1099 CMLF CM Life Sciences Inc This is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that targets companies in the life sciences sector from services and tools supporting drug discovery, development and manufacturing to synthetic biology to diagnostics. YES YES

Let us know what you think of the batch!

And have a great evening.

Capital at risk


Is it right that cellular will now be going on on 1/3/21?

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Good stuff guys, sorry for asking again :joy: but any ETF’s on the way?


EBON - nice work guys.

Freetrade baggers followers - this one wasn’t on there. But if I could - I’d add it! :nerd_face:


Might be worth ammending to Yes and No as opposed to True or False - it would make it clearer.


Sam did mysteriously make share chat posts for a load of ETFs like CRUD a few days ago, but they’re not on the app yet, so they might be incoming?


Amazing work guys!

Any chance of adding NASDAQ KBW Fintech ETF (FTEK) soon? :pray:


Yeah they were all USD denominated but I’m hoping there are more then just that list. Most of them were energy related

I’m sorry I have to be honest we’ve been waiting months for the other SPACs which we were promised that would be added ages ago still not made the cut. Common guys genuinely upset, atleast HOLI and ALUS should be on that list.


Taken a hammering today though. In your opinion would it pay to hold out for further falls or grab it when you can?

We’ll add it in the very next batch if it has enough liquidity, Jonny!


Amazing! Cheers @Viktor :partying_face:

Here’s hoping an average volume of 10.5k is enough :crossed_fingers:

Good suggestion :sweat_smile:



Can you give us an update on the other stocks please a lot of us would greatly appreciate it :pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5: @Viktor

They mentioned this on the last community Zoom meet up

Can you add Liberty Global as they are on other platforms

I’m still waiting for UPST – hopefully that’ll be available soon. It IPOed in mid December and was on Freetrade’s IPO calendar, so surprised to of not seen it on the app yet.

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