Buying / selling shares

(Dave Smith) #65

I suspect most shareholders, me included wouldn’t even let them go for double or treble at the moment, as it seems there is potentially huge upside from here

(Vladislav Kozub) #66

Indeed. My lowest estimate for a partial exit for the sake of diversification is x50 :relieved:


Unicorn status?

:unicorn: :unicorn:

(Vladislav Kozub) #68

As a bare minimum!:money_mouth_face:

(Dave Smith) #69

I put £1000 in at R2, so I need approx £150 share price to make a million :smiley:


That puts you around 6500 shares? Awesome


You need Freetrade to be worth about £6billion?

(Dave Smith) #72

Yeah, I have 6532 shares same as the guy in the first post in this thread, so I guess he put a grand in as well

(Dave Smith) #73

That’s somewhere near the bottom of the FTSE 100, ambitious but not impossible :smiley:


I think Hargreaves Lansdown is valued around that range - so definitely achievable!

(Dave Smith) #75

I’ve just looked at that, HL is about £9bn


Even better, come on Freetrade!

(Aris David) #77

Here is HL’s dashboard. 1M users minus 1 (me leaving them for Freetrade) : - ))


Question: when a company does an IPO are private shareholders (e.g. us lot) restricted from selling for a period of time or can they cash in straight away?

(Dave Smith) #79

I think it depends if you are considered an Insider

Not sure if that applies to us or not, would we be in the same bracket as Venture Capitalists?


Some of us have Founder status - but hopefully that’s not seen as such by the regulators.

However it could be a good thing to be locked in, I believe many companies experience growth after the IPO so being locked in may see value added.


Anyone who’s keen to sell shares, please DM me. Thanks.

(Jake) #82

Hello everyone, im currently looking to sell my shares for personal reasons i have 9823 shares, having difficulties finding a upto date share price.

Any advise welcome i spoke to freetrade already

Anyone interested just message me

(Emma) #83

There isn’t an up to date price really, just whatever someone is willing to pay (54p each was the price at the last crowdfunding though)


Hi, I’m interested, which round did you invest in? Are all your shares A or B shares?