Cannot Sign Up Using Email


I’ve managed to sign up to this community using the same email address as the one I’m using to sign up in the app so I can use FreeShare, however I’m not receiving any links.

I’ve checked all the usual stuff around rules, junk and so forth, but there seems to be an issue sending an email to the address I put in?


It might be in your junk? Or it might be delayed, I sense their computers are quite busy.

You only get the freeshare once you’ve signed up, deposited and completed the W8 ben form.

Hi, thanks, although still haven’t received a sign up email to login. As mentioned I’ve checked junk, email rules etc with no luck.

Not sure what else I can do to sign up if the email is not being sent out. Will need to look elsewhere which is a shame.

@CCSeries I have the same issue.

I have a FreeTrade account since 2019. Over this weekend, I logged out and have not been able to log back in again. The magic link email is NOT in any of my SPAM | JUNK folders.

@Freetrade_Admin can you please help?!

I have tried your support channels … in-app chat and and no reply.

I am locked out of my account until this issue is resolved.

I can confirm … I have received emails to my email account from Indeed, the signup to this forum ( just a few minutes ago ) was enabled no issues.

Please help.

Try sending them a DM or tagging in the forum.

@AdamL Thanks.

Am not able to DM … this is a brand new Forum account; seems that option is not available to me.

Can I just tag Gem to get some visibility on this?

I understand the FreeTrade team are crazy busy. I saw the Sky interview were 30k new sign ups were received in just a few days. :rocket:

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Went on to nearly 100k new users in 3 or 4 days.

Yeah, tag here but you’re right, they are crazy busy right now.

Hope it gets sorted for you.

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My login issue resolved itself at 19:00 yesterday evening.

Not sure why. No reply from FreeTrade support team ( other than template support response with instructions on adding to safe sender list )

I resorted to facebook post and email to

Hope issue is resolved for others.

Thanks for the help here.