Can't use in app chat when not plus?

Had plus was able to use the chat no problem. I understand plus users get priority but it’s frustrating as a non plus member that I can’t even speak to a person.

The stupid bot comes up and gives me an email address to message (which will take upto 3 days for a reply…) and just ends it. Why??

The FAQ it links is not helpful to the issue I’m having and I think it’s ridiculous and so frustrating that just because I’m not plus, I can’t use the in app chat system.

Is this a bug or are non plus members just being fobbed off to the bot and can’t actually use it?

5 times in a row now.

“use our in app chat feature for help” can’t even use it. No phone number to call… Really guys, this isn’t great customer service… Pawning off non plus members to a bot and the FAQ…

Chat is only for plus users, I have only recently joined plus and prior to that had emailed in a few times and got responses the same day. Think it just depends how busy the team are.


Then they shouldn’t let people even click it if they’re not paying for plus.

Everywhere I’ve seen it just says plus members get priority (which is fair enough). Doesn’t state anywhere that non plus can’t use it too.

I can understand the vagueness about in-app chat, the only mention I spotted was on the contact page, with it refering to it being limited like that - Contact us | Freetrade
In app, it just says send a message, which might imply some messaging functionality, but obviously only with the bot (which are getting more common across other services nowadays)

But yeah there’s not a great deal you or others can do without paying for Plus, a lot of customer service element like that is technically behind some form of payment/subscription (i.e. Broadband, buying products from a shop etc)

Don’t suppose you’re question could be answered by the community hive mind

I think it states clearly here that only Plus members can chat?


As I have just joined plus, I cannot use chat, but I have emailed a few times and received responses the same day. Depends on the team’s workload.