Company stats wrong

The company stats in app are incorrect for a number of companies. Here are numbers I get in FT vs Google Finance for RKT. The market cap and PE ratio are totally off. It could hugely mislead some folks

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They donโ€™t correct them.

Iโ€™ve highlighted some stats that have been totally wrong for months, but got no reply, and the stats are still wrong.

Just donโ€™t rely on the app and use a second source.

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The info button shows a popup that states:

The stats shown are indicative only, based on data freceived from third parties. Their accuracy is not guaranteed. Actual P/E ratio, dividend yield and market cap, may vary.

I think not showing anything would be better because then folks would go to a reliable source. Being out by a factor of 20 is hugely misleading.


I agree itโ€™s terrible just to say they might not be correct


If thatโ€™s not accurate information, then I wonder why keep it.

Completely agree with this. Most people on this forum will know to seek credible sources, but there will be newbie investors (who Freetrade are actively try to recruit to the app) who may make investments based on sometimes wildly incorrect data.

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:wave: Thanks for raising these! We source our data through a third-party data provider and each time these are flagged, we raise them with the supplier. Unfortunately with some stocks, the data remains wrong. We are currently looking at alternatives as well as ways to adjust/hide fields, which are certainly wrong. I hope to have more to share with you soon.