Customer service dropping

not sure what is going on at freetrade but first i incur a bunch of failed orders and now when i try to contact them it says they are too busy to respond over app and i have to send an email which they will come back on in 7 days.

this is just really poor, and yet another reason why i do not want to use freetrade as my main trading platform and refuse to pay for their plus service. if they can’t get the basic’s right, why am i going to trust you with all my money??

Failed orders are at the market level not freetrade, you should try chunking your orders or using sell limits at slightly under the bid. Also maybe use live price data on google.

I’m trying to buy, and there is no limit order etc. And it’s funny how I have NEVER incurred an issue on any of my other trading platforms when it comes to attempting to buy a stock. I struggle to believe that a transaction for a FTSE350 company fails because there are no sellers in the WHOLE market.

And it also doesn’t take away from the drop in customer service levels - I reported this issue last week and 7 days on I’ve still not even got a reply to my email, and I still can’t contact them through the app.

Simply not to be trusted with large amounts of money at this rate!