Customer service levels?

I had an issue yesterday where a stop loss was triggered, despite the level it was set at not being hit (and according to Freetrade’s own graph data, not been close to for around 7 days).

Ok, so a pretty ugent issue. So I use the in app help and am told someone will get back to me between 2-3 days! That just isnt acceptable for an issue like this. I thought the whole point of being a plus member was that you could expect a reasonable standard of service response. I worry that Freetrade must be operating with too low a staffing level for the number of customers they have.

Has anyone else experienced that and/or has a view of such slow response on customer service questions. Is this business on a sustainable footing if i cant provide an answer within a quicker response?

What share and what was your stop loss?

You might be able to look up the trade on the stock exchanges web site. you can’t really go by Freetrade graph or prices as they doesn’t show the bid/ask spread

Having said that I thought plus was supposed to have priority support, it shouldn’t be difficult to check the trade

The graphs and charts in freetrade are very basic (sometimes incorrect - specifically one that depict portfolio up down incase you add / take out cash or during volatile market weeks) . Simple charts such as yahoo finance works better than freetrade’s charts. I believe there were enhancements in the pipeline but looks like focus has been selling subscriptions / expanding into new geographies…rather than developing additional features and charting capabilities