Deposit problem

That’s the thing these days- people expect everything for nothing. Sure, there’s some delays but for the UI you’re getting and for minimal to zero commission costs, personally think there should be way less complaining from people. In this instance a £20 transaction !!- with Hargreaves & Landsdown it would cost you £22+ simply to buy and sell a single stock.

It’s not about the money
It’s about the facts
When you make deposit you expect same thing
But you make a deposit, you send messages on app chat end for 1 week you don’t get reply back.
You post on forum end the problem get public you quickly answer end after that you get ask for 3 months settlement end the problem will be solved between 3-5 days but now it’s 2 weeks nearly so please tell me if I’m wrong?
Thank you

It can be scary when you can’t see where your money is. But it will be very easy for them to locate it, given that bank account details / references are attached to all payments. It’s not lost, so try to relax about it.

There’s going to be a delay until normal service is resumed, whilst new staff are inducted and they get on top of the pile of queries. FreeTrade’s history show that they want to do right by customers, they will definitely get on top of this and service will be great again :grinning:

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I hope to be like that