Dividends in Activity feed 💸

What do you mean by loophole? Loophole in what? :thinking:

This may have been a viable strategy long time ago, but as with all loopholes, when they become popular, they stop working.

As it stands, whenever you buy a stock just before the ex-div date, it will drop by the dividend amount immediately after. If you happened to have experienced stock price going up after the ex-dividend date, it is likely that it went down (just as it has to) but then simply went up due to other factors, such as positive news sentiment, beneficial announcements or simply shares’ demand being above the supply/demand equilibrium which naturally drives prices upwards :slight_smile:


Great to see this is coming into the app :blush: looking forward to the update!


When will this update be added to freetrade ?

We don’t have a specific timeframe when this will be added yet but it’s on the roadmap here if you want to keep track of it.

Looks great, really handy to see where incoming funds has come from.

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Looking forward to this…I received some dividends recently but afaik it’s not possible to see how much exactly in the app

Check the in chat message board on the app…when you get a dividends payment you get a message from the team in a chat message


Thanks, I remember getting a notification but wasn’t aware that the amount is mentioned

The amount is in the message if you open it up

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Definitely will be useful that - FT are kicking ass and not resting on their laurels.

Here’s to many more sneak peaks!


Any news on this?

I don’t even get chat notifications of dividends anymore!

I see available cash increasing but no idea when or who paid it.

This side of things needs sorting ASAP. It’s really making me dislike the entire process.

We are still sending chat notifications when we transfer dividend payments to your account so if you’re not receiving those, please check that you still have notifications enabled for the app.

If you do, then just drop us a message in the app so that we can look into this :raised_hands:

Notifications are definitely on but even checking the chat list, there have been no new notifications for 29 weeks!

Even though I can see my available cash has increased without me topping up.

I have sent a message on chat support though.

I get notifications, including notifications of in-app chats, but never got any message regarding my previous dividend payment. Is it a purely manual process; can someone just forget to send the message?

The messages look like this -

sending them is a manual process at the moment :radio_button::point_left:

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I used to get them but they have just stopped…

I don’t know if something has disconnected on my account.

Parhaps you have not received any dividends since? :slight_smile:

@Vlad . You may have missed my previous two posts where I explain my available cash is increasing without any top ups from me.

Unless I’m just getting random cash in but I’m not that fortunate.