Dividends in Activity feed 💸

Hey guys! Here’s a quick preview of how the dividends will look in your activity feed:

You will see a pending status when a company sets the Ex-date and a complete status on the Pay-date, showing the total amount received. As you may already know, you will still get the dividend if you sell your shares between those dates.

This is how it will look if the company decides to give shares instead of cash:

We plan on adding even more details in the future, like the rate and the withholding tax.

What are your thoughts? :grinning:


That’ll be handy and looks great. I’d also really like to see a selector at the top of activity letting you filter on kind something like Buy/Sell/Dividends/Deposits.

And a search filter as we have on Discover would be nice too (so you can see all the times you bought a particular stock for example).


I had no idea that shares could be the dividend instead of cash. Still so much to learn.




You and me both Leanda! :smile:


I agree that the filters would really be useful :+1:


Now I’m hype for my first dividends :relaxed:

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It should be early next year :slight_smile:


You will need a summary sheet ready for tax returns for 2018/19.
Are you going to offer the choice of choosing between cash or scrip alternatives?


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I can’t wait for this to be implemented. Any ETA?

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It’s ‘next up’ on our roadmap :smile:


Any more news on this? I have received divs in the last few days, and as it doesn’t show in the activity feed there is no way of telling how much!

The live chat only told me the Ex date, Pay date and dividend per share. But as I buy and sell multiple tranches of each share it’s impossible to tell how many I actually owned on the EX date!


Not yet I’m afraid, keep an eye on the roadmap for updates :eyes:

If you ask then we can give you the specific figure :raised_hands:

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Yes they have - all 75p of it :slight_smile:

But it seems a fairly manual process, especially if you have a wide selection of shares :frowning:

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Personally I think this information should be a must and be at the top of the roadmap :writing_hand:


Absolutely agree. I have nearly 40 stocks that pay dividends and having to manage the way we have to find out when and how much right now seems very primitive


Quick question, what if you buy before ex-div date and sell after like you said but the shares go up and you make profit? That means you get dividend payment and the profit of capital gain. I checked ex-div date of a company and looked on their share price chart and after the ex-div date the stock increased which I assume is because of people selling so isn’t this a loophole sort of? Or is it that some stocks may be the exception and increase rather than decrease after ex-div date

What do you mean by loophole? Loophole in what? :thinking: