Do I carry on waiting or need to restart

Hi. I was wondering if someone could assist. I’d appreciate it.

I created an account over two weeks ago (1 Feb) through the app and I’m still at the attached screen. I’ve messaged within the app for an update but haven’t had a response. My first message was sent on 2 Feb. I’ve also emailed on 9 Feb with no response so far.

I’m conscious that free trade has experienced a huge spike in new customers and it’s not been able to deal with all customers immediately. I was wondering if I should continue waiting or is there something that can be done to get me up and running?


I was expecting a hold up whilst they asked me to email in identification etc but I’ve not had a request for it. So I’m now wondering what the hold up is for? Maybe they’re still dealing with customers before me.

Thank you for sharing. Fingers crossed.

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