Error while completing ISA and GIA account signup


Using an iPhone 12, OS 14.6.

Clicking “Confirm and Open ISA” on the last screen does nothing.
Trying to open a GIA account shows a different error.

Screenshots attached.

I’ve tried restarting the signup process and also tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it with the same issue.

I have had a freetrade ISA before which I closed last year and i suspect it has something to do with the previous account ( I’ve ensure that the details such as address and NI number all match).

No way to contact the team during the sign up either, quite frustrating and worrying as this app will be used to hold real money.

Have you tried logging in using your original email address from when you previously had a FT ISA? It’s likely that the account opening system has issues with former customers trying to open a fresh account. You may have to email Freetrade and get them to do something in the background to fix this.

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As @tbutz says this is probably the issue and you NI shouldn’t have changed so that won’t be an issue.

Thanks, yes I tried this with the original email address. Using a new email address prevents me from completing the setup anyway once it detects that the NI is in use. Struggling to find the email address for freetrade though and it has put me off FT now , even though I have used it in the past as any future issues when I have real money sitting in the account may prove difficult to resolve if contact details are so well hidden.

The standard email to contact Freetrade is but there are also some more specific email addresses, which may or may not apply:

If you are fine with using the original email address you used to login for your first FT account, I’d email them from that and keep it going forwards. If you want to use a different one for login going forwards it may get more complicated, honestly.

Obviously if you’re logged in to the app you have a better chance of accessing support than you would outside of it, but I agree it’s not super helpful (although I did get the regular email from the help articles on the FT website).

What happens when you use the original email address? Are you on the latest version of the app available from the app store?

If you enter the email address you used previously, you will receive an email login link to that email address - go to your email click the link, it will open the app and log you in.