First time withdraw


got a free share and looking to withdraw the money, its telling me to verify my account and I need my unique GIA reference, I have no idea what the means, this seems very over complicated? never experience withdraws like this on other platforms, can someone help with this please.

I’m not sure what your seeing in terms of requiring a reference, Howe each account type has a reference number (it can be used to bank transfers funds ) if you ask in app they’ll give you the reference for your account.

when I click withdraw, it doesnt come up with an amount to withdraw it says ‘you need to verify your account’. Yeah ill ask them tomorrow when are they available to live chat?

I think if you try to topup your gia account , it will show you the reference.

When I tried to withdraw amount from GIA account , its asked me to verify my bank account , I have transferred small 1 £ from bank account to GIA and then I withdraw the full amount from GIA to bank account to transfer back to ISA. May be you can add 1 or 2 £ from bank account to your GIA and see if it works.

cheers mate

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