Freetrade 2021 Crowdfunding Round

There is still Tiger & SoftBank. They love chucking stupidly big valuations around!

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100k is only for cash, right? Stocks are still 20k-protected

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I thought stocks were 100% protected if they are correctly ring-fenced?

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They are, when held correctly they are separated from the assets of FT. Unlike another company we could mention, cough T212 cough.


In Europe stocks are protected for €20,000.
In UK stocks are protected for £85,000.

Customers’ accounts are covered by the provisions of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

This means that in the unlikely event of Freetrade failing, together with a failure to safeguard your assets or some other failure, the value of your assets held with Freetrade is protected by the FSCS up to a maximum of £85,000.*

In Europe stocks are protected for €20,000.???

Trade Republic have delivered international expansion…you know the thing others have been promising for several years to achieve “soon”. It happens, who would have thought :smirk:, that the difference between promising and delivering is actually what people value quite highly. But don’t worry, Trade Republic valuation levels will also be achieved…soon :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, cash is usually protected for €100,000, stocks only for €20,000.
That’s why UK’s IB is safer than European :wink:

Nono wait, in italy (europe) till 100k cash excluded from bail in.

Stocks no protection at all!

You don’t really need stock protection, since it’s not part of the company’s assets anyway. Hardcore fraud needs to happen for investors to lose their stock holdings.

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Not sure what that has to do with it!? The issue here is derivatives. Those are - of course - not separated like stocks and bonds. Nothing to do with a stock portfolio the way e.g. freetrade offers it.

We’re talking here about Europe and not the US. MF global case has no relevance here.


Purely as an example, T212 have new customers registered in Cyprus post brexit. They say they have 20k protection through Cyprus’ rules so it could vary? Also sounds like the shares available are different due to varying rules.

Also they can shill their users crypto CFDs which are illegal in UK :roll_eyes:

cough cough, one million users now, cough cough…


I think the crowdfunding will happens post the EU launch…


I think they’re saving it for post-IPO, when they’ve achieved Deca-corn status, then they may do a crowdfund to get an extra £70k for champagne investments.


Post IPO crowdfunds I think need to be the new investment meta.


Any news on the 2021 crowdfund,even the month would do. November or December :+1::grinning:


My guess is either November or December.


So as it was meant to happen in September what are we thinking the price increase should be as we are now over a million users. Hoping that the delay will push us over the magic :unicorn: number.