Freetrade in the news 🗞️

But HL grew by the same number of customers and added £4b so I wouldn’t say the last funding round was cheap.

So HL had about 5% growth? Pop the champagne.

Shockingly good?? Says who?? They are haemorrhaging money.

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T212 seemed a bit dodgy to me in terms of customer support and requests on detail when I used the app. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great product but I just don’t feel comfortable having a lot of my wealth stored there.

Freetrade on the other hand are clear about everything, responsive, U.K.-based, have a better looking app (subjective) - and it helps that I’ve invested in two rounds.


Yeah I think Revolut is a competitor to a number of the emerging FinTechs. Monzo, Starling, Freetrade etc. And maybe even platforms like Emma and Yolt.

It does have a really bad rep in a few banking circles I’m aware of - heard some horror stories.

Although I have to say I ended up using my Revolut a lot more than my Monzo when I was in NYC in early March. Helps being able to have foreign currency accounts. But I’m only keeping spending money in there - not gonna store my wealth with them. No chance.


I don’t think you can really compare Mkt cap/ AUM with HL, they rake in cash on fees with every transaction.

I’m awaiting an update on their terms and conditions as what they are saying publicly appears to be going against what their terms actually say. But I’ll see what they say. I don’t want to make this about bashing anyone. 212 have done a good job with adding stocks and engaging customers. They have a decent feature set but they’ve been around for a while so I’d expect nothing less.

Saying people who work there. Growth of their investment and crypto segments are in line with the number of accounts they have.

Yet unlike Monzo didn’t have to drop their valuation to raise post covid money.

Lol They got lucky,they had the deal done before the coronavirus. Trust me there valuation will drop by 1-2 billion next year.

Growth of there investment?? We will see next year??

Nop…they raised another $80m at the same valuation as pre covid in July.

Unlike Monzo, they have share dealing and crypto (amongst many other things) - both of which have boomed since covid.

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That article is 4 months old. I stand by my opinion regarding Revolt. Come back this time next year and we will see.

I didn’t realise July was pre covid.

For goodness me. I was talking about the initial 500million investment that was agreed before covid. I’m away to play with my dolls house. Goodbye

I guess it’s not as convenient to your argument to acknowledge the fact they raised $80m post covid at the same valuation.

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I think it’s kind of getting a bit off topic now. Come on guys