Freetrade in the news 🗞️

It would of just been magical had it been allowed in an isa. Even if I hear personal tax Allowence that does me as for a while anyway as I’m lower rate.

Nice one, thanks @hill1

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I top up weekly but surely if you top up monthly you have the time to do it manually to have the money instantly ?

I top up monthly with direct debit and have auto trades set each month. Haven’t touched it since I set it up. Been very easy to keep things growing.


Many people want to not have to manually intervene as they then try and play the market. I have both monthly debit and auto trades but still have to go in monthly and add the trades it doesn’t do as there is a glitch on complex stocks. Then I have to manually use the spare cash as no fractional UK stocks.

This annoys me as I then get tempted to amend my choices. That is why many prefer to have a system that will enable them to pick a system and then forget about it.

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Hi Alex,
I haven’t received the newsletters for a long time
can you check?


They were sent out not long ago another letter

Hi @Bonni I just checked and it looks like you’re opted in to our company updates and other newsletters. We sent one out last week recapping what we shipped in 2023. There’s also be a few about Treasury bills and other things.


I’ve not had anything from FT for many months, maybe even a year. I get emails about my dividends etc OK, but marketing et al must be via a different system.

I had a problem with my email hosting back in May 2023 (thank you 123-reg, and goodbye) which resulted in inbound emails bouncing for about month, which I think has resulted in my email address(es) being blocklisted by certain companies. Tedious.

I’ve tried to resolve this same issue with Monzo and that experience has soured me from trying with anyone else. I refuse to change my email address, so I’m making a rod for my own back it seems. I’ll just have to hope I get told about important stuff via the app or the forum!

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I take back everything negative I have ever said IF Freetrade are able to replicate Lunar!!

“Lunar meanwhile has built its own infrastructure rails connected to the payments clearing system in all Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Sweden, and Norway setting it apart from rivals.

“In contrast to the UK, where you have seven or eight challenger banks with bank licences and other types of licences we are the only one live in the Nordics.”

Last year (2023) has been about accelerating along its path to long-term profitability for Lunar, Villum Klausen says, as it inches towards monthly break even this year.”

Just came across this interview with Adam:


Great find @sb87 , well worth a listen.


New cash interest rates is a welcomed announcement


Most definitely!

Freetrade advertising on LSE :clap::clap::clap:


Haha LSE has cost me too much money over the years!

Anyone know what happened to the new cash interest rates Adam stated? Haven’t been notified of this in app

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Still waiting if they made the same rates as the bank and we held our cash in here and freetrade made interest off it would this be a bad thing?

Or I guess they can’t do that because if the bank can only give them a said amount then how can they make much if there giving us the same.

I guess if they only slightly lowerd it with the amount of people who may use it to park cash it might work who knows.

1 Like Suspending operations in the UK :uk: on 3rd May.

Closing accounts on 25th March.

Just got the email through!

Must not have gotten enough traction in the UK market, we’re already heavily saturated with trading apps don’t think we can take anymore.

Checking the finance charts on the IOS App Store.

Trading212 = 10th
Freetrade = 118th :anguished:

When did FT lose all its buzz?