Freetrade launches US stocks 🇺🇸

(R) #41

Ooh nice, now I don’t have to keep watch, thanks.


No, I invested in a new Android which had an IOS version which could run the app :rofl: Ok, I’ve only got myself to blame I guess…

(Harry) #43

Impressive roll out team!! 150 stocks in one go, on a new exchange, with limited issues, is great! Next step will be fractional shares as some of these US shares are whoppers… :joy:

(Chris) #44


Gutted no music industry stocks made it - Spotify, Tencent Music, Sirius etc…

(Alex Sherwood) #46

We’d definitely like to add those. To help us prioritise what to add next, it’d be really helpful if you could create #stock-requests topics for Tencent Music & Sirus. We have a topic for Spotify here & it is very popular :+1:

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about getting those set up :smile:


They are both there now!

(Jonny) #48

On the app? That was fast!


If only - no as topics!

(Mitchell Petrie) #50

You might have noticed that yesterday we launched US stocks on the Freetrade app. They’re already available for a few lucky people and we’ll be bringing them to everyone in the next week.

So we’ve put together a short post going into a little more detail about the design changes we’ve made to support them. Why not have a little read while you wait :wink:

Reducing the number of failed orders 👀

I feel you. But it’s okay. It’s not too long for us now. :popcorn:

(Kenny Grant) #52

You never know, stocks might be cheaper next week anyway, so perhaps it’s for the best. I was testing US Stocks (great job by the way freetrade, all worked well apart from one trade) and I bought some Tesla yesterday after the drop, and just before it plunged some more :rofl: :cry:


Might or might not but there’s not enough comforting words to brokenhearted souls. :sob: Hahaha.
That is reflected by those several 1* rating on the Android app. For some, it’s not about wanting to be as updated as the Iphone users but it’s about not having anything for us at all except the waitlist. I’m fine waiting though. Any progress is an achievement. For now, I’ll just grab my popcorn. :popcorn:


it’s safest not to buy tesla eh :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #55

heh, we’ll see. It’s certainly a risky choice right now. I did buy lots of others as well.

(Ashley Quint) #56

Are airlines tricky in the US too (ownership)?

(Chris) #57

What a beautiful experience :heart_eyes:

Last night I bought, Johnson & Johnson, Blackstone, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Proctor & Gamble, Apple, Microsoft, Abbvie, Exxon & Visa - all went through without a problem at all.

Honestly, the Freetrade team should be super proud of this achievement.


Good job guys! My dad has always joked that I should own shares in Apple and now I do. Process was super smooth and not a hint of glitch.

(Jonny) #59

Just got the US Stocks :star_struck: :us: It’s as beautiful as I imagined!

Register to test US stock orders :raised_hand:
(Rob N) #60

My haul so far!