Freetrade launches US stocks 🇺🇸

(Jonny) #61

Order went through beautifully :money_with_wings: :us: Hats off to all Freetrade :freetrade:

Side note, will you be adding buys & sells to the Activity tab? Along with Market Buy Contract Notes?

(Alex Sherwood) #62

It can take 20-30 minutes for the items for appear in your Activity feed but they’re there now.

(Jonny) #63

Right you are @alex.s, my bad!

(R) #64

Still checking my phone every few minutes for the notification :laughing:

(Gary Stevens) #65

Got US stocks added Today will be topping up tonight ready to take my first step in the investment world Tomorrow!! Great job Freetrade team. Let’s hope I’m thanking you in 10 years time as well :smile:


That’s quite surprising, in this age of real-time feeds and instant notifications. Is there a reason for the delay?

(Kenny Grant) #67

Yes I think they should fix this long term, I found it surprising as well, though I’d suggest other things like Android are more pressing at the moment. I’m sure there’s a lot of features the freetrade team would like to add and will add over time.

(Hugh Grigg) #68

Good question. This is a first iteration of the process, so there is a delay before it gets displayed in your app. We will be improving that in the near future so that they’re nearly instantaneous.


Nice to see a response like this. Thanks Hugh

(R) #70

I did it! I bought my first US stock and I’m now a Disney shareholder, haha. Never thought I’d say those words.

This genuinely feels like a big moment in my life, I’m really thankful to freetrade for bringing this opportunity to normal people like me who don’t have huge sums to invest.

Thanks to all involved!


This is brilliant to hear. Exactly what freetrade set out to establish, an easier way and more affordable way for normal people to become aware of share dealing


There’s something quite special about buying shares from the US :grin:

(R) #73

Agreed. I had bought some Nasdaq trackers, plus UK shares previously but this felt different and very exciting.

(Tommy Lowe) #74

Are there issues with the IEX US data? All my US holdings have gone blank and their value has been wiped from my portfolio

(Alex Sherwood) #75

If you’ve taken part in testing US stocks, please update your app to the latest version from the App Store in order to access them now.

PS - US stocks are now available for everyone :us: :tada: :champagne: :smile:

(Tommy Lowe) #76

Thanks, that’s fixed it, feel like autoupdate never actually works on iOS :joy:

P.s. is it howdie? I always thought it was spelt howdy (how do ye) :smiley:

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Happy with the new addition to my portfolio :us:

(Stu) #79

Now that US stocks are live we’ll be sending out lots more invites to those on the waitlist this week.

Would be really interesting to know the current user numbers - number of active users, and users still on the wait list. On Monday someone I know signed up and the wait list was about 75k, which is great for FT but not very inspiring for potential new users!

Once that wait list has gone and it’s open to all new users I think the real marketing can really start - I know I’ll be telling everyone I know who is interested in investment for sure.

(Jonny) #80

Long live Freetrade :freetrade: :raised_hands: