Hi, is this the right email to get help… I have emailed many times… and never have I got a response!?

It is the correct address, the support staff are swamped at the moment unfortunately though. You can ask in the forum and it’s possible someone can help, depending on the matter.

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If everybody emails multiple times like you it’s only going to backlog them further… :worried:

Most of the information is already covered on this forum, and there are a few critical posts pinned at the top that cover the current situation. If you can’t find a topic related to your issue feel free to share here to see if the community can help out like EuanG suggested.


I have recently installed freetrade but I am unable to get past the verifying page. When I spoke to someone they said it was because I had previously installed the app but when I did I used my old email… which I no longer have access to, so can you help me either close that account so I can use my new email or update it so I can get past the verification page???
Also it was only 2 emails in the last month…

We are just customers here.

If you have emailed FT and explained the situation and provided all the pertinent details I’m sure they will be able to transfer the account from the old email to the new one. At the moment customer support is under extreme pressure so this may take as long as a few days to be handled.