Fund still not settled into 5th working day. Money needed urgently

I sold some shares on 27th January and the funds have still not settled for withdrawal. I need this money for an unexpected bill and now as this settlement has taken so long I no longer have the time to wait for a BACS transfer. I need this money ASAP please can you resolve this issue and set up a instant bank transfer. I have messaged on the chat to no avail since yesterday.
I’m dissatisfied with the service I am receiving currently.


Hi Robbie,

Sorry to hear about the service, we have higher than usual volumes right now.

Can you send me a DM and we’ll take a look.

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Hi Gemma I can’t see how to DM. Sorry would it be possible for you to start it off?

To send a message just click on the persons name or avatar picture. The message button appears.

New Users can’t DM as they don’t have the appropriate trust level on the forums

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Ah I was unaware of that. I’ve only been here a few months, obviously I’ve been deemed “trust worthy” :slight_smile:

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