Gmails auto-closing!

Has anyone else experienced this? Open a gmail from Freetrade and it immediately closes. So you open the email again and it closes again. Sometimes it closes your gmail session as well over and over. I have to keep reopening to read the content be cause it closes so quickly. It has never happened on emails from anyone else

I haven’t had this, if you’ve got screen recorder use that. Pause it and you’ll be able to read the email.

What email reader are you using? try clearing the cache and storage.

If you are having difficulty opening Freetrade from the magic links then it sounds like your default apps are messed up somehow. I don’t know about iOS, but on Android try the following:

  • Go to settings, then Apps, find the freetrade app and delete cache and storage
  • then go to the options for default apps (this should be the sub menu Default Apps) and within that, ensure that the default app is your normal phone’s browser app, ie. chrome
  • then find and select the option ‘opening links’ and scroll down and find the entry for Freetrade, select it and ensure that the option ‘open supported links’ is ticked