Magic link not working after account closure/reopening

I lost access to my account on the 18th Jan after an account breach.

Freetrade closed my account for safety, but after 2 weeks of back and forth, they finally told me it was open.

It has now been 5 days, and still cant access the account - the link from my email constantly says ‘that magic link has expired’.

Still not sure what to do, keep veing told same information (reinstall app, clear cache, try 4g).

You could try going through your email and delete all old magic links. Some email like gmail have some sort of “nesting” structure for emails from the same address which can make it difficult to determine the current one. Once done that delete the app cache and storage and try re-requesting a new link.
Other than that, I would check that the date and time on your device are correct.

If that doesn’t work then you would need go back to Freetrade support to try and resolve it.

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Tried this suggestion - still no luck.