GPay deposit not received (no chat support)

I deposited via Google pay, which is meant to be instant. Funds taken from my bank account, but not received them in my trading account. I need them now. What do I do?

Do you have both an ISA and GIA account? Is it possible you loaded to one and not the other?

No, just the one account. Funds just haven’t appeared at all, and I’m missing out big time.

This company is a fucking joke. i am having the exact same issue and there is no customer support to help.

Yeah I’m getting no reply from chat or on here. Ridiculous.

Same here, deposited via Google Pay, not in account.

Missed a big dip because of it…

Funds finally arrived in my account. Missed out on some of the dip.

Now it won’t let me buy… Awesome…

Yep just arrived, stuck on “Sending order”

Mine will barely bring up the current price and the “review order” button. When it does, it’s reject. Now have one pending…

If you don’t understand that these issues are nothing to do with Freetrade then you shouldn’t be investing

So it’s stupid to draw a link between a service that isn’t operating at full capacity, and let downs in service?

Sure, it’s most likely nothing to do with free trade (the rejected/pending trades), that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be made aware of it incase its an issue on their end.

This is a community/help forum. Maybe try commenting with something helpful instead of sass.

The demand today is insane. Genuinely in November we were happy with 400 signups a week, then it went to a thousand, then they struggled with support and couldn’t hire people quickly enough, then today happened where their graph prob looks like GME’s price and they are struggling. Its not personal, this is an investing platform aimed at long holds not swing trading. They’ll get to you, but it may be a while because all of T212’s userbase is trying to join.

There’s plenty of help on the forum. Freetrade sent notifications to everyone on the app to explain the volatility issues today. What more do you want to know?

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I didn’t receive a notification.

And as you can see from my initial posy, I was trying to find out where my funds had disappeared to, considered the first GPay deposit I compete went fine.

Anyway, I’m won’t be replying to you again because it is contributing nothing to a discussion and helping no one.

Thanks anyway…

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Fair enough Mathew, sorry if I upset you.