Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited - SONG

Buying artists royalties in a fund.

They basically buy up the rights to hit songs so you can share in the royalties or as they put it ‘to offer investors a pure-play exposure to songs and associated musical intellectual property rights.’

Thanks for sharing the article!

They have since purchased the benny blanco and Chainsmokers catalogues

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From the recent RNS they are looking to have an equity raise (to replace increasing borrowing powers which was quickly cancelled)
Would like to see SONG on FT as currently invested on another platform


Would like to see it on FT too. Really want to invest and reluctant to do so through another platform

Vote for this people!


Definitely, let’s hope it gets more votes

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Vote for this stock

Definitely! I am from both communities so see the value, hopefully not much longer.

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The raise was completed quickly but not at much of a discount to the share price.
Dividend payment due this week.

AGM in a couple of weeks - need to ask my platform provider if they can facilitate attending. Need to ask FT whether they will be able to do that for the stocks covered. Believe some platforms make a charge

I don’t think they have immediate plans to offer this due to all the administrative hassle

Thanks for the link; shame as some companies like Marstons offer shareholder discounts

More acquiring

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This looks great. Would like to see this on FT. They’re on a host of UK brokers which can be found on their website as well as DeGiro. I wonder how recession proof royalties are.

If anyone know’s of any other funds like this in the UK or elsewhere please chime in. Very interesting

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And the next one

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Wow! I hope Freetrade adds this ASAP!

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I think what is holding them back is it has low liquidity