How can I manually transfer funds into my account?

I’m with Barclays, and when I press top-up it automatically opens my Barclays app to do the transfer through something called “Open Banking”. However, this only lets me transfer GBP 3000 per day. Is there any other option for me to do a manual transfer that is higher than this limit?

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You can transfer via bank payment but you will need to know your unique reference (to match the payment to your account).

I recommend dropping a message to the in app support or emailing to find your unique reference and Freetrade’s bank details

In the Freetrade app, click ‘account’, then ‘top up’, then ‘bank transfer’, enter the amount and then click ‘continue’, then DON’T click on your bank name, but scroll to the bottom of the list and click ‘manual transfer’, then ‘continue’. Finally you will be rewarded with Freetrade’s sort code and bank account number, and very important the reference number that you need to use when sending the payment to make sure the money arrives in your Freetrade account.

You can then go to your online banking and use that info to send a payment. That’s the method I always use and it is very reliable.


I think if you’ve already made a payment with open banking it keeps your top up option as your banks open banking.

Quick work around for this though, it opens a payment (in your banks app) with Freetrade’s bank details and your unique reference

Thanks for the reply.

Once I enter the amount I want to transfer, the only option I have is “Continue”. I cannot scroll down and find the manual transfer anywhere.

I’m on Android though, and perhaps iOS is different?

From my previous transfers I can see what my reference number is, but I cannot see Freetrades info, as it is registered as a debit transaction.

I even tried deleting the Barclays app, but then it just opens a website with an “access code” which is the same thing.

I recommend dropping them a message on the in app customer service or emailing to get their bank details

I could tell you them but I think it’ll feel safer for you than taking bank details from strangers on the internet :joy:


Haha, you seem like an nice person, so definitely wouldn’t trust you :smiley:

I’ve contacted them through the chat, although it’s gonna take quite a while for a reply. Thanks for the help!

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Click continue - then when you get to the list of banks scroll down to the bottom and click manual transfer.

If you have already linked with a bank you don’t get the option to scroll down to manual transfer. It just goes straight to open banking when you press continue (well on iOS it does).

As Jonny said, it’s the same on Android. I don’t have the option you’re suggesting.

So that mean Android cannot support option to change “manual”? Thanks.

And when the linked account fails, there is no way to top up the account…
For some reason TrueLayer keeps hanging.