How to contact FreeTrade after seemingly exhausting all options?

I have been trying to contact FT for over a month now as they double charged me for Plus and I am still waiting for my January refund but haven’t been able to get through to anyone one other than copy pasted generic messages.

I’ve gone to every email address they’ve redirected people to on here as well as the email they redirected me too after my review on Trustpilot but still nothing. I thought I had some luck after making a Twitter, messaging them there and getting a reply a few days later but it’s now been 5 days since then and despite chasing it up contact there seems to have stopped also.

Is there any other possible way to make contact do people know? As I am at a loss of what else to do other than to complain to an ombudsman?

I understand in January there was a large influx of customers which is why I didn’t mind waiting a week or two but at nearly 5 weeks it is just ridiculous and purely down to poor management. (The excuse that they are busy doesn’t wash after this long.)

If anyone could help me get in contact that would be greatly appreciated, as I am sick to the back teeth of trying to deal with FT and just want the money they took from my account without permission back and the money they owe me. I have literally (not hyperbole) never experienced worse customer service and am very much looking forward to never having to deal with FT again.


In short, no. There’s the email addresses only and they’re busy right now, so you’ve just got to be patient.

Forum posts won’t help, as your forum account isn’t linked to your :freetrade: account.

It sucks, but be patient and they’ll eventually get back to you.

Hey Denning, welcome to the community. I appreciate how frustrating your first post here on the community had to be a problem, but I am hopeful it will get resolved soon.

As mentioned, I am unaware of any other contact methods. Have you however tried requesting a chargeback on your card? Although often reserved for some payments, most card issuers will try to help.

You would then have your money back and maybe raise you to the top of the list for a reply after the fact.

Otherwise I’m afraid all I can suggest is keep up the patience. It’s an amazing app and the service is generally really awesome and I am confident they will improve back to previous levels.