How to setup Regular Payments

Does anyone know how to setup regular payments from a current account to the Freetrade app?

In the spirit of pound cost averaging I’d like to send a certain amount of money automatically from my current account to my ISA.

Freetrade’s linked bank account feature means I have no bank details to use when filling out a standing order.

Can anyone help!

Before instant top-ups were introduced, you had to enter your unique reference number when doing a bank transfer so deposits would land in the right Freetrade account.
I expect these reference numbers still exist and you can still top up this way, but I’ve not one so in a while. Perhaps Freetrade support could find your reference number so you can fill in the standing order?

I still top up the manual way, it still works with the reference number.

It’s still in the app, just scroll to the bottom of the list of banks and tap manual transfer

So you could set that up as a standing order?

I think so, as long as the payments had the correct reference

I have a regular monthly standing order and it goes in fine to my ISA. I then top up if I have any spare cash through the app top up facility via my Monzo acc.

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