HSBC bank transfer: Payee account is not supported

I am trying to top up my account for the first time but when I am in my online banking aop, it says that the payee is not supported. I also cannot do a company lookup. any ideas ebfore I send my money into a void? I am with HSBC UK.

This sounds like the new confirmation of payee system is having issues. I don’t know the HSBC app, but other apps get you to define the name and type (business/personal) and then it compares against the lookup based on the sortcode/account no. Double check the account details you have?

Other than someone with the same app coming on to help you, I don’t have any other suggestions, but hopefully this will bump the topic for you.

I transferred £1 into freetrade. Let’s see if that works.


I use HSBC and have never had any problems I dont think you will have a problem after the first confirmation payment is completed, message support in the app if you do.

Did it work?

Probably wont go through until the morning

11 am now and nothing showing up in my account. Pretty annoyed now. the blog says it should show up around 9am. Does the 9 am refer to UK time or US time?

Just to be sure: where can I see my linked bank account details. When I go to my account I only see the last 4 numbers. I am pretty sure that I write the right numbers but I want to doublecheck if maybe the problem lies in there. But I don’t see any option to see my banking details.

Send a message to the support chat, they will help you out.

If you put the correct details for adding a payee on HSBC then it should be fine it just takes time but yeah send them a message anyway they might be able to give you a timeframe.

I use HSBC and it takes on average 3-5 hours to come through.
I think if it’s your first time setting up, it may take a bit longer.

So customer support has found my deposit of £1. HSBC gave a different name than was in their system. But when you transferred money into FT, were you able to look up the company? When I typed in Freetrade, nothing showed up.

Yeah it’s been a while but I dont remember ever having any problems like that It saved straight away as a payee one for my basic account and one for the ISA account, glad its sorted happy investing!

Solved. The £1 arrived in my account this morning so I went ahead and transferred 2K. HSBC fraud department called me however to ask if it was a genuine transaction. Anyway, I got my portfolio together. I bought stocks and ETFs. I will still buy a few US stocks as well. I hope I made the right move but I think that one day or another I had to make the move into investing. Having it sit still in my bank account will not give me money in the long run.