In app chat really buggy on IOS

Mornin’ all,

I have been trying to ask a question on the in app chat all morining but the chat has become unusable now :frowning:
It’s been a bit flakey for a while but now I can’t even finish a couple of sentances before it dies.

Basically, you’ll be writing a message, the screen will flash and the text box you are typing in disappears (never to reappear), when you click “back” and go to your profile screen, the “chat with us” button is no longer a button, clicking it now does nothing.

The fix in the past has been to close and restart the app a few times until you get a text box in the chat, but today it breaks again before I can get my message out.

basically I want to move money from my basic to my ISA, but wanted to avoid discussing the specifics on the forum, can anyone from FT help with this or should I just withdraw it to my bank account and then deposit into ISA?

thanks y’all

Hi Adam :wave: Apologies for the in-chat difficulties there! The Intercom keyboard does disappear/re-appear intermittently, we’re working to have this fixed soon!

As for the “Chat with us” button becoming unresponsive, we’ve actually fixed this a few months ago, but it sounds like it’s made a comeback :thinking: Can you confirm if you’ve had the Freetrade app running in the background (i.e. switched between apps) before re-opening it to chat with us?

Finally, you can request a cash move between your Basic to your ISA account with us at :slight_smile: You can choose to withdraw & deposit to your ISA as well, either methods work!


Can confirm this was never fixed. It had been this way ever since I used freetrade, before it was occasional but now it’s absolutely every time.

I do have FT running in background sometimes but it also happens as I am typing.

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This can be closed now, have contacted support and they are looking into it. Thanks @ElisaE