Inaccurate prices

hey guys

love what your doing


Walgreens Boots stock price has been wrong for over an hour and a half, which is a pretty big deal breaker, and im not talking about slippage. Google, IEX(your feed) and IG read 55 your app reads 63 which is yesterdays price and the market has been open for nearly two hours now.

as you can imagine this is a pretty fundamental flaw and I would sort accurate pricing out before trying to roll out too many features. focus on being excellent at execution and having lots of stocks.
understandable to have bugs etc, but price is one place that should not have a problem its the core part of what people rely on.

i cant execute my trade or get out of it if was in it.


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Hey Gimi,

Thanks for letting us know about this, could you please drop us a message in the app so that we can look into it?

Just to let you know, the prices in the app are indicative which means that they’re there to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay when you place an order. But when we ‘execute’ an order, we use the live market price, as part of our obligations to provide ‘best execution’ for you. You can read our policy here.

We’re planning to use data feeds that’ll enable us to update our prices more frequently (although they still won’t necessarily be live), in the future.

i thought that could be the issue, however i cant take the risk of spending hundreds or thousands on a trade to hope that the real price is accurate, to be only be told that i saw the price i was buying so i shouldn’t have executed etc.

no way of knowing , the price is still wrong before i click the final confirmation, that price should surely be close to market, were talking 3 hours with a 15% price difference, which ive never seen on any trading app

5 minute delay is common, (not on an app that executes trades although, maybe on like a free watchlist app) perhaps including the last updated timestamp on the chart would help,

in this day and age theres no excuse for a 24 hour price delay

will read over the policy thanks

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Yes in this instance it looks like the price hasn’t updated due to an issue that we’re looking into at the moment, sorry about that! The feed from IEX should be live.