Is it just me really struggling with charts?

I don’t know if it’s just me or, more specifically, my app, but the charts/graphs for my overall portfolio are really poor. Not only do they give strange readings sometimes (see today where I am down about £30 since open, but the line is still green), but also the intervals in the daily view are very oddly timed (but still equally spaced).

For this latter example, today (29/05/20) is showing roughly equal intervals, but at the following times:

  • 09:06
  • 11:31
  • 13:13
  • 15:34
  • 16:02

But despite the markets having nearly closed (16:08 at time of writing) the line goes barely two thirds of the way across the screen.

Any thoughts/comments?


The reason the line goes 2/3 of way across is presumably due to a 24 hour period rather than market opening hours…

The rest sound like data points that are being fed into the system rather than a continuous log of all prices.

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Thanks for your response Mike. It would be really good to have some slightly more consistant data, although I appreciate that it’s not something that’s strictly required. Even hourly snapshots would be better that what’s showing currently, with 30 minute or 15 minute intervals even better than that.

And I guess you’re right about the timing. As I’m currently only holding UK stocks in this portfolio, I didn’t even think about it being 24-hour rather than UK market opening hours (oops).


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I’ve learned to just ignore the charts, they’re a bit shit. Freetrade know - they’ve mentioned better charts in the past.


Yes, it’s a shame really. Here is my ‘day view’ chart this morning at 09:20. Slightly flies in the face of the 24 hour idea. Markets in the UK have been open for 1:20 but still no data points…

Hey all,

The reason you see data points showing times at seemingly weird hours is because of how we calculate portfolio values right now:

We continuously recalculate everyone’s latest value and show it to you as soon as the calculation is done when you enter the app and this is why you always have at least the latest data point at all times when the markets are open.

We also calculate your portfolio balance in the background less often to provide the one day chart. This runs throughout the opening times of both markets, which is why the charts are scaled like that. It’s not 24h, but rather from the earliest market open to the latest market close, so 8:30 – 21:00 right now given the UK and US markets.

We are, however, working on increasing the amount of data points calculated throughout the day, which will provide a more accurate chart.

I hope this clarifies this a little while we work on improvements.


I’ve also had a few concerns with how the charts and rolling portfolio total works. Thanks for clarifying, @jani, look forward to the updates.

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It does indeed. Thanks for your input!

Thanks for this! As a new user of the app, and new to investing in general, the graphs really really confuse me… I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering why it doesnt move smoothly…

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Apologies for my ignorance, but will these changes to the 1d chart bring it in line with the 7D, 1M & Max charts (Where the data point is to the right showing historical for the given time period, where as 1D starts from left at beginning of each day)
Showing rolling 24hr data would be a lot more useful than only comparing the current day on market.

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