Issues with top up

Hi I am new to freetrade and I am trying to top up my account with funds. I have already made 3 separate payments and I am trying to make a 4th one but for some reason it won’t allow me. Any tips??

Thanks in advance

Are you using apple/google pay? That has a lifetime limit. You’d need to link a bank account.


Sorry I miss read your response. The account is linked to the online banking and transfers are made that way. I don’t use Apple Pay

What actually happens when you try? Make sure both FT and your banking app are up-to-date first of all.

I’ve found when using the open banking system, its best to have banking app open first as the ads for its own services seem to break the link.

Additionally, If you are topping up a few times a day, your bank may flag this up as unusual behaviour.

Hi Jimmy

I have just made the 4th payment as it is after midnight. Maybe they have a cap on it I’m not sure

Just a quick question as i am new to this. The stock market is open from 8am till 16:30pm is that the time you can only buy and sell shares? As I am currently placed in a que till 10am.

For UK stocks, you buy between 8am and 16:30 pm, outside of market hours your order will be queued for 10am or after. (for US stocks currently it’s 2:30pm to 9pm BST, US orders outside will fill at 3pm or later)

if you are wanting more control over it, you may want to cancel, and then wait until the market opens at 8am, otherwise (if you are happy with that) it will fulfil automatically from 10am.

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