Just getting started - stock charts & stock availability

Just started using the app. Kinda surprised when you select a stock the chart shows % on it’s y-axis, and not the stock prices like it does on a Google search. Not sure what the 0% level on the y-axis represents either? And the x-axis doesn’t show any month/year. Hope you can resolve this.

Also wanted to ask are only ftse 100 stocks available or something? I couldn’t find Dunelm, restaurant group, paypoint, and quite a few stocks that I was interested in. Thanks!

There’s mixed opinions about this one, you can vote to see the price in pounds here Stock performance history in £.

That’s the price at the beginning of the period so if you’re looking at a 7D graph & the price was £1 7 days ago, then the % change for the stock price is relative to that £1. I hope that makes sense!

We will :raised_hands: you can vote for it here Show actual timeframe when switching to Max on charts.

You can see the complete list of available stocks here & we’ll be adding more on a regular basis. You can request the stocks that you want us to add. And keep updated about what’s been added here.