Stock chart 1D timeframe

I have a similar issue with the charts, today HSBC was up 4.7% or so but on the app the daily change wasn’t reflected. Am I missing something? Is the chart on the app not measured against the previous close for that period? See attached screenshots taken at the same time after market close today.

Also definitely would like some sort of timescale on the ‘Max’ chart period.

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Hi! Could you please send us a message via live chat about this? We need some more details in order to look into this :raised_hands:

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Hi Tim, the 4.8% is a comparison against yesterday’s closing price, whereas we show the movement vs today’s opening price.

HSBC opened at 637.5p this morning, and closed at 636.8p ( HSBC on LSE ). That gives a 0.1% loss, but as we do some rounding that’s how we get to 0.3%


If it closed lower than it opened, how can this be a gain? 636.8 < 637.5.

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Like @Diversify I don’t get it either as the app shows it opened at 6.34 and now it is 6.37

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Typo on my side, should have said loss not gain - I’ve updated my post.


Thanks @Rob that makes sense. I’m used to seeing charts based on previous day close but don’t feel strongly about it.

I do however think there should be an option to see the chart y axis as a number rather than percentage change from the start of the period. Minor things really, rest of the app is great!


This part is definitely relevant to the Stock Chart Details topic you posted in originally. Feel free to express your wish to have this by voting (pink Vote button at the start of the thread).

I personally very much prefer the £ to % too and the more attention that thread will get, the more likely Freetrade will be to consider changes sooner than later :wink:

I actually do strongly prefer seeing price change using the previous close as the start point. Otherwise you miss seeing the price effect of out-of-hours news in % terms. I feel that’s more correct and one of the current market conventions that do make sense. Market open as start point doesn’t really tell me much. Since the last price update of the previous trading day would be the close price, then that’s what i’ll have in my mind for my position valuation. From the 1D graph the next day i should then clearly be able to run the mental maths to value my position (multiply by 1 + % change). I suspect others would feel the same way but am interested to know and hear any other thoughts.

There might a issue with some of the stock listings:

Stock Open Current Change
Antofagasta 7.63 7.58 -0.13% ( £0.01 )
Ashtead 18.50 18.60 1.22% £0.23
Screenshots from the app