MEGATHREAD: Bugs & Glitches

yup my app broken cant buy, kinda **** tbh, this is the basics

Got a response from FT to delete and reinstall the app; and now there’s no info of my holdings showing at all. @sampoullain - something serious is happening and needs sorting asap.

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Message popped up to say its an issue with their cloud provider.

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Should be resolved now. What’s being done to avoid a repeat please @sampoullain ?

Doesn’t explain why support informed you to reinstall the app - that was never going to resolve an issue that Freetrade had with their cloud provider.

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Standard response presumably - but does suggest they didn’t know what was going on.

Hi everyone, our apologies for the errors which occurred earlier, which was due to an outage with our cloud provider. This is now resolved.

Sorry we didn’t get to these questions either. You may have seen the official comms sent to all users on the app and we were also fire fighting on social, too.

Received a response from FT in the app, seems to be a global issue with their cloud provider. The app now correctly displays my holdings (iOS App) but FT state in the message some features may not be working until they resolve it.


Anyone been getting this?

Happens if i try to look at any stocks. Started yesterday and has been intermittent, just means that when it’s happening i can’t buy or sell anything.

I have the same issue and I have raised it to the Engineering team by contacting on the chat.
I have provided a screen recording of the issue to them showing the issue too.


Is everyone able to use the app? Whenever I click on any investment I get the attached

I’ve contacted them via email, but response time is 2-3 working days.

Have you tried updating to the latest version of the app?

yes, that’s the first thing I did

Hi @ben2418, I will DM you know and we can sort this out.

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@Rafael Did anyone else reported this?
When adding the payment date on the Google calendar (on Android). The date is shifting one month in time. Ex: 22 December 2022 (Correct date) → 22 January 2023 (date entry populated) I believe this is a quick bug to fix.
Thanks in advance :+1:

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Same for me (latest Android update installed)

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Hi @SteveAvia, @ItSecTrader,

Can you tell me what app version you’re on?
You can find that information by accessing your profile via the icon in the top right hand corner of the Portfolio screen.

I’m seeing the same issue, app version 1.0.30844.


App version: 1.0.30645 (30645)
Android: 11

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