Monies not credited to my account


I have just transferred £5,600 from my bank account to my Freetrade account.

However, the £5,600 are not shown on my Freetrade account yet.

Is this because is Friday night and I need to wait until Monday ? I have read lots of messages from other people and have seen that this has been a recurrent problem.

Tried to contact the customer service but is impossible. Considering is a big amount, I was wondering if you could help me to find a direct contact at Freetrade to cut time?

Many thanks.

Was it in-app using the open banking facility or did you do a transfer using the account details and your GIA/ISA reference number? If you did a bank transfer using the details did you use the correct reference number?

Additionally, that is quite a large payment, did you advise your bank in advance that you would be transferring that amount? They may have delayed or held the payment as the large amount could be considered unusual and they may require additional verification that it’s you (and not a fraudster cleaning out your account) so you should check with your bank in the meantime.

(Note, in this instance your bank’s customer service team wouldn’t be able to help, you would more likely need to speak specific to your bank’s fraud team)


Hi Tommy. I understand our customer services have contacted you about this, hope it all gets sorted.



My bank cancelled the transfer and money came back to my account.



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