Monthly Statement error

Hey Freetrade,

This monthly statement feature that you’ve introduced is really cool, thank you for doing that. However one issue… the portfolio value seems to get calculated on the singular value of each different holding you own instead of taking in to account the amount of that you own.

So for example…

I have say 7 shares in Experian. The value of this stock is currently £19.11. The value on my statement is listed as £19.11 instead of £133.77 .

Meaning the statement starts to get very inaccurate the more shares and holdings you have.


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Thanks for the heads up, we’re just in the process of removing the statements that’ve been sent today & then we’ll get them fixed.


Also the figures at the top - portfolio value etc - when are these for? They certainly aren’t for Jan 31st!

Nice, wasn’t expecting this so soon.

Would it be possible to get this report as a CSV?

(edit) - Will these statements show dividends? Also I noticed the statement footer says copyright 2018.

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That’s not in our plans right now but we’ll definitely consider it if you could post it in Ideas :bulb: :raised_hands:

The statements aren’t itemised so any cash from dividend payments will be reflected in the ‘total cash’ in the ‘summary’ section, as long as you haven’t reinvested the money already :wink:

Dividends will be included in the Activity feed :soon: though.

Thanks, we’ll get that updated.