More problems with AO

AO is not showing anything today. It’s still in my portfolio but not showing any share price, and my overall portfolio value is reduced as if AO is of zero value. It’s unavailable to buy in the Discover tab. What’s going on?

Hi Liz

Think there might be a blip, as I have the same with “City of London” shares. Gave me a fright when I saw my portfolio had dropped this morning like a stone :frowning:

I’ve raised a live chat on this, and they are usually really responsive - maybe try doing the same?

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Thanks Stu, I brought it up here rather than live chat so others can comment if they’re having the same issues.

I can see AO & The City of London Investment Trust in the Discover tab so could you please message us about this via live chat so that we can check on your account :raised_hands:

Thanks Alex. I can see it now.

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I sent a message about an hour ago. I can see City of London and the qty of shares I have, but still showing no value for me.

Seems to be all sorted now

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