MSCI China - missing Dividend

Hi Guys

I have spoken to FT chat about this, but other may want to know.

The dividend payment (ex Div 25th July) has not been paid due to an issue with it being paid in USD.

Drop the live chat a message so you can be updated.


:raising_hand_man:t3: @oxfordmark Maybe to save customer service a deluge of the same questions, could you provide a summary of the issue and proposed solution? Merci!


I sold my holdings in this after the ex dividend date and forgot I was owed a dividend.
Thanks for raising this :+1:

ISF - FTSE 100 dividend today so hopefully paid by Freetrade in 2-3 days :ok_hand:

I can try, but this is the first time I have been on the forums for a while.

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Sorry but this is one for @Gemhappe to proactively clarify and we should not be placing the burden of a summary & proposed solutions on a fellow user imho.

I’m a holder of MSCI China who would appreciate & expect Freetrade to inform customers if they’re affected and resolve this.


@Diversify - whilst I totally agree it’s for :freetrade: to provide unequivocal clarification on operational/client account matters - in the spirit of community - I also find it useful and efficient for the community to highlight and share specific issues and solutions, preferably with a little colour and context. With a nod to giffgaff I thought that was always a big part of the utility of Discourse and friends.

Thanks @oxfordmark ! Kindly appreciated!


I honestly wouldn’t mind receiving US dividends in $, if it then meant i could use it to invest in US Stocks avoiding the FX fees.

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Why would that be an issue? Don’t all the US companies pay dividends in USD too? Thanks for reminding me :f when was it due to be paid? Now I’m wondering if I’ve not been paid others…

So where is the dividend money now?

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Hi Engineer

I’m being lazy. Where is this available to watch ? Thank you :pray:

Love more colour.

In this case, I’m just concerned :rotating_light: that it appears 2 months has passed on this one presumably with Freetrade knowing, but deciding to withhold the info. Given we all know tracking dividends is something dividend investors in this community are concerned about, trusting the brand to pay what is due is vital and so comms need to be on point. Slightly perplexed with the radio silence from staff here as it should be nipped in the bud as this is a money/trust issue.


Where do you find pay dates for etfs? JustETFs shows a green mark for July but unsure if it’s the pay or ex date and doesn’t show actual day - Look at the Fact sheet at the bottom.

Searching for this stuff is exactly why I made the finki API.

Just call the Dividend Functions (see here :

In this example we call by this ETFs ISIN…

Then just consume this in Excel or Google sheets to build automated dividend monitoring.

If this makes no sense to anyone let me know and I’ll build something for you


can you make one please as link did not work for me thank you:+1:

No worries - but those links should work fine… (if a little slow due to heavy traffic!)

But do me a favour… try these in your Spreadsheet of choice:

If you’re a Google Sheets user:


or if you’re Excel


ok where in google sheets do i add the link sorry never done this ?

Just copy/paste the entire code into cell A1 … usual spreadsheet stuff… hit enter…wait a second…

ok get it now thank you