Over 1 week and still no linked bank account

Within the app there is no option to start new conversations, maybe be an issue with my phone or could be the app.

I was contacted earlier on in the week and I was told the bank transfer and my linked bank account would be sorted within 3-5 working days. I’m now onto requesting for the third time for this to be completed.

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In the nicest possible way, read the threads on the forum. There are plenty where myself and others have explained that there was a surge in demand, that is now being dealt with. Patience is still required, though. I know it sucks, but it’s also not much fun seeing loads of these threads. Be patient and things will be resolved in due course.

Yes, i understand they are busy. I was told to give 5 working days upon the second time i messaged. So i have waited 6 working days now and i was told to start a new conversation if i’m still having issues… which i am. Simply just following up on the conversation otherwise how am i meant to know if it gets sorted or not!